For Parents

sidepic_forparents1Welcome to our Preschool and Kindergarten classrooms. I would like to share with you some my ideas of how I view your relationship as Parents with us…

I really want for your child to feel as though the School an extension of your home. I don’t want the School to be a brick on the children’s shoulders. My idea is that the children should feel comfortable and relaxed so they can enjoy their days in the school as they do at home! Certainly we want them to grow and learn, but they should have fun! We want them to acquire a love for learning, as they do at home. For example, feel free to send a pair of their favorite slippers so they can take their shoes off in the classroom will feel the school as their own surroundings!!!

It is important that you know that our Mondays are for Show and Tell. Ask your child what he wants to with their friends and teachers and help them prepare the story. We don’t want them to bring their “toys for fun” from home, we want them to share what they shared with you!!! For example a picture, a book, or a brochure of their weekend experience will make for a story!

Fridays are for Sharing!!!! We love to share. After the little ones learn how to share, it comes naturally!!! Keep the frosty and the sweeties for the weekend, but we encourage that the kids prepare their sharing, nothing like a fruit salad for the summer or a pumpkin muffin for the fall of their own making!!! SUGGESTION: Please, save the cupcakes and candy for the weekend and let the kids share yummy and health fruit salad for the summer or a pumpkin muffin in the fall that they helped to prepare!

Our doors are always open to swing by and join your little one and share a lesson, but it is recommended that you plan this with your teacher as it will be so much more powerful!

My office doors are always open for questions, concerns or suggestions you may have or just a chat about children!

Miss Claudia